Homemade Laundry Soap

In my first post about alternative ways to save money, I would like to feature a new blog friend I found when searching for ways to save money and gift ideas.  I stumbled upon this laundry soap recipe, made a few gifts from it, and then got in touch with her about her mad web design skills.  Christine did all the awesome work on my new website here in amazingly fast time.  I just love it!  Please welcome Christine from Great Oak Circle!


Hey new friends! I’m Christine, the designer behind Great Oak Circle. I’m a Christ-follower, adoption-lover, designer, money-saver and paleo-eater. I’m excited to share a little peek into my life and how we save money and eat well on a budget.

When did really saving money become a priority for you?  I would say it’s always been a priority because I’ve never had a ton of money to spend.  I believe in being a good steward of our family finances. Avoiding debt and giving away resources to alleviate poverty are top priorities, so even as our income has increased, we try to keep lifestyle choices consistent.

A lot of people view “couponing” as using paper coupons, but there are so many other ways to save.  How have you interpreted “couponing” in your life?  I take advantage of sites like Groupon for the rare dinner out or Starbucks splurge, natural care products, and deals to spots like Whole Foods. I also get emails to my favorite full-price stores (Gap, etc) and buy when clearance is an additional percentage off.  In addition, I follow the grocery store cycles for extra savings in BOGO offers.

Any great tips or sites you like to use to get ideas for saving?  I love pinterest for handmade gifts, and I also stock a gift closet all year long with real steals from favorite stores. For myself, I have tried and tested the market for my fav tanks, jeans and tshirts that I buy new, and then watch for extra savings deals and closeout colors from those retailers.  Everything else I wear is thrifted.  With the adoption of our son came a whole new set of thrifting principles. I shop only consignment sales/thrift stores for his clothing, and then re-sell it all at my local kids consignment store the following year.  I only buy the nicest name brands, so resale stays high, which has resulted in a zero clothing budget his whole life.

As someone who follows a Paleo diet, how have you been able to save money on the foods you and your family need?  We eat a mostly Paleo diet, which is basically anything hunted or gathered.  It includes meats, veggies, fruit, nuts and berries…no grain, no dairy, no sugar.  When we do eat outside of Paleo, we keep it “clean,” which is organic, whole-grain and preservative-free.  You would be amazed how your body responds to eating real food, it’s drastically changed our physical AND mental health. To budget this eating plan, I shop the grocery cycles with coupons for boxed foods (olives, nuts, V8, triscuits, some Kashi, etc), and eat in-season produce (farmers market is better and cheaper). My grocery bill isn’t really any higher because I’m skipping soda, chips and other processed snacks that really add up.  Plus, I’m literally saving a ton of money by not being sick and at the doctor constantly. Really life-changing.

Your laundry soap recipe and labels are very popular on the internet!  What led you to try it and do you have any favorite variations from the original recipe that you’ve really liked?  It seems like it has taken on a life of its own!  It is very popular! I love that so many new friends are loving it! A new variation that I’m loving eliminates the Borax and uses Dove as the soap. It’s a more earth-friendly and kid-friendly recipe.

Christine has created a new addition to the label featured in the photo above that has directions for how to use the soap and names the ingredients.  You have the option to have the instructions and ingredients on the front or the back now!  Making your own laundry soap saved so much money that I’ve ventured into other products. I’ve blogged about sugar scrub and translucent powder {my new addiction!!!!}

Clothes Soap Label Front

Clothes Soap Label Back

Clothes Saop Label with Ingredients and Directions on the Front


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